It’s time to call this boarding to order…..

September 16, 2011 at 11:26 am 2 comments

By Tony

On my flight home from SFO to JFK last night I observed what has become an all too common occurrence that I’m sure you have all witnessed as well.  Airlines are reworking the system to get butts in seats faster, but good intentions aside, it can all go south really fast and usually does.  When it gets close to the time to begin boarding, we all tend to start jockeying around to ensure we get the pole position when the race to board begins. I’m not thrilled with the various strategies that I consider somewhat unsavory, like The Sidewinder (master of the ‘End Around’ move, going wide around a row of seats to make a side entry into an already formed line) or The Space Invader (Hi. We all see your blatant invasion of the open space). The Invader is rude but in some ways understandable because the Invader could think you are in a later zone and not in the first heat of the race.  But what I find most upsetting is a blatant infraction by The Entitled One, someone who tries to join a Zone earlier than the one they are designated for.

Today a young man who had on one of those too tight suits and a pair of pointy shoes, made the classic Entitled move. I looked him over and said “no way this punk has more status than me,” but I had just finished an In-N-Out Burger with a Vanilla Shake on my way to the airport, and I was not as fast on my feet as I normally am, so I shot him a look, but let him have the inside track.  Up to the boarding pass reader with his slick smile he goes, only to be stopped with… “Sir we are only Boarding Zone 1 at this point, so you will have to step aside.” Entitled said “oh, I didn’t hear the announcement,” so I said “she probably made 67 of them and you missed them all, did you sunshine?” The woman next to me smiled and muttered something that I didn’t completely catch, other than the last part which ended in “hole,” so I felt somewhat vindicated, but I think we should take this a bit further.

To solve this conundrum once and for all, Carrying On offers the following.  From this point forward I say that anyone caught in a boarding pass infraction should be tracked by the airline AND required to wear a sticker that says “I’m a boarding pass cheater” for the entire flight. If they are caught a second time they should be boarded last regardless of their Zone. Caught a third time, they should be forced to check their bag regardless of its size or the availability of space on the flight.

If you agree let me know and I will put a project plan together to roll this out.   I might even request Government funding under the “if you see something, say something” program.  Either way, I think it’s time we take a stand.

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  • 1. Dave Cooney  |  September 17, 2011 at 8:15 am

    ,,,so I shot him a look, but let him have the inside track.

    I’ve seen that look, might’ve even received it once or twice, so I’m surprised that didn’t cow Entitled right into compliance with accepted norms of airport behavior. Obviously an organized movement is called for so you can count me in as a soldier in your cause. Cpl. Hockey Puck reporting for duty.

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