Will the Real Tony D Please Stand Up?

February 3, 2010 at 1:54 pm Leave a comment

by Tony

I’d like to thank Mike for those kind words he wrote about me in the previous email. But Mike, if you keep up the wisecracks, you may have a harder time getting me to approve your expense reports. I kid …I kid. Actually, Orville and Wilbur are pretty good guys.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been part of this industry for 31 years (believe it or not, I took my first call as a United Airlines Reservations Agent on February, 2, 1979), and since then, I’ve done and seen a lot. I always speak my mind, but most importantly, I love to have a good laugh. Through this blog (once it is up and running) I hope to impart some wisdom, make you think, incite some riots, and provide entertainment (even at my own expense). Below is some more information on this exciting adventure.

This is what we’ll be carrying on about…

Book a Trip – Since Mike and I have more than 45 years of experience working in the corporate travel technology space it seems like a logical place to start. Plus, full disclosure here, we both work for Rearden Commerce. Therefore, we’ll discuss anything that could possibly be of interest to someone who is in a professional role of managing, procuring or consuming travel and other related business services. One day I might tweet about Richard Branson’s latest galactic adventure and Mike may tackle something more down to earth like ancillary airline fees. Sometimes we might even invite others who’ve been sitting on the plane for more than half their life to share their insights on what’s happening.

Life’s a Trip – Things might get a bit dry if it’s all work and no play, so look for us to throw in some humorous anecdotes, Jeter stats, tips on how to bowl a 200 or other nonsensical ramblings.

We’ll be carrying on like this…

Plenty of strong opinions – If you don’t know us, then let’s just say that we don’t pussyfoot around. You may not always agree with our opinions, but we guarantee that they’ll offer up some solid reading material.

In an open forum – We welcome a healthy debate. If you don’t agree with our strong opinions, tell us, we want to hear from you. Otherwise, I may start debating myself, or should I say, my version of Arnold Schwarzenegger debating my version George Burns. Anyhow, we want to keep this as a dialogue rather than a lecture.

Signing off from seat 10D,

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