Client Entertainment Lives On. A Birdie to Prove it.

March 23, 2010 at 12:00 am Leave a comment

by Tony

“You’ve got your peanut butter in my chocolate.”  “You’ve got your chocolate in my peanut butter.” Occasionally two great tastes go so well together that they deserve another mention. Last week, Mikey D spun a story of some valuable partner bonding that took place under thundering skies on a soggy golf course. Personally, I prefer to take clients to my local bowling alley, Whitestone Lanes. They know me by name, it’s always a dry and comfortable 72 degrees and the pitchers are only $7.50. Nonetheless, Mike’s approach seemed to do the trick.

Below is the entertaining response left by the infamous man who shot that one under round of golf, George Gadebusch, CIO of World Travel, Inc. His full, unedited comment is posted below. Who knew a CIO could kid so well. Ah George, you know I kid.

“If facing Mother Nature’s wrath of torrential downpour, hail and lightning while huddling under a tree with your business partner doesn’t build a lasting business relationship, I don’t know what does!

Faced with fire and brimstone while arguably shooting the round of my life (as much as one hole can be an indication of that) combined with thoughts of “I could break the club record” and voices in my head distinctly telling me “I don’t think the heavy stuff will come down for a while”, I was forced to make a fight-or-flight determination. Though a difficult decision to make, given the circumstances, it was soon reinforced by the mass exodus of water-logged golfers not fortunate enough to have the aforementioned huge tree as refuge…so we reluctantly called it quits.

While subsequently reflecting on the day, I forcibly convinced myself that the wheels would’ve come off, eventually plunging me into double-bogey purgatory or that it would’ve been terribly difficult to locate my thunderous drives when camouflaged amidst copious quantities of golf-ball sized hail. Thus it was that I made my peace with the failed outing, eventually realizing that there is NO WAY that I could have similarly experienced this sort of professional bonding via web conference! Additionally, there is the everlasting comfort in the fact that I can honestly say I finished my round at 1 under…

More importantly though, the targeted business sessions before and after this debacle were validated by the personal and professional interaction with Mike and his team as the on-site visit allowed us to pull in resources as needed during the course of our meetings. With the face-to-face interaction as well as the ability to put a face to a name, we were undoubtedly able to accomplish far more during our time together and genuinely solidify a mutually beneficial long term bond. Furthermore, I contend that there truly is no way to fully experience the intensity, passion and sincerity of Patrick Grady unless you are seated directly across from him!

I can’t imagine that there is a better definition of “priceless” in today’s business economy, so the cost of a plane ticket and a round of golf are indeed small prices to pay!

Incidentally Tony…the round was refunded so not only do I deserve a rain-check to recreate my mastery of the links but I highly encourage you to double-check Mike’s ExpenseWire report to confirm that fact…”

George Gadebusch is the CIO of World Travel

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