OpenTravel and Open AXIS. The new Betamax and VHS?

July 20, 2010 at 10:55 am 1 comment

by Mike

While channel surfing the other night I landed on the 1988 classic, Twins, starring Arnold (aka The Governator) Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. For those who don’t remember this one, the twins were separated at birth – Arnold (Julius) grew up on an isolated island paradise and was raised by philosophers while DeVito (Vincent) fended for himself on the rough-and-tumble streets, with all the temptations of society. The result – a naïve and incredibly intellectual Adonis vs. a jaded, quick witted, small time crook.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are Julius, emerging from your protective cocoon and landing in your new career as a travel professional. Thirsty for knowledge, you check out Tnooz, and are confronted by this complex statement from a recent posting about the latest developments around a common standard for airline merchandising. “The group [Open AXIS] believes that OpenTravel has been too slow in developing its schema — a charge that OpenTravel rejects — although Open AXIS hopes to work in some fashion with OpenTravel, IATA, ATPCO and ATA.”

Wha, wha ,wha, what? Or, how about this from a recent posting in The Beat.

“Young [executive director of Open AXIS Group] suggested Open AXIS and OpenTravel might work together. OpenTravel executive director Valyn Perini said Open AXIS would be welcome to submit schema to OpenTravel. ‘If they want to do that in a formal way, we would take their submission and take it the same way we do for anyone,’ said Perini. ‘Sometimes we take it and sometimes we don’t; we have a review process and we would treat it the same way.’”

Oh Julius, this one might just be too complex to solve. Don’t blame the messengers, however, Dennis Schaal and Jay Campbell they are simply reporting the facts. In fact, I completely agree with Dennis’s initial thoughts from his posting before the Open AXIS news even launched.  As he so eloquently stated, “The two groups could figure out a way to work together — but two sets of rival standards for airlines make the entire concept of a standard very problematic.”

How will this all play out?  Does Betamax vs. VHS ring a bell?

Personally one area I hope to see more discussions on is how these “schemas” will apply to mobile merchandizing and transactions. After all, I can’t predict what sort of martini mood I’ll be in two weeks before my flight.  Will it be a double Ketel One with a twist if I’m sitting next to a nice, cuddly gentleman who himself had to use the mobile to purchase a seatbelt extender, or an extra dirty martini if I have a more attractive seatmate.

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  • 1. Jim Davidson  |  July 21, 2010 at 5:09 am

    Hey Mike,
    You didn’t think we would offer up a schema that doesn’t already support mobile merchandising did you? Mobiata has already integrated to it to handle those martini moments.

    So maybe it is really not a Betamax vs. VHS discussion, maybe its more of a discussion about getting more speed and innovation back in our industry. My guess is that if OTA was already fully supporting the full range of post ticketing and merchandising fucntions, the Open AXIS Group would have never seen the light of day.

    In most industries, “innovative voids” generally get filled by new entrants. Your fine company is a prime example.

    Regards, Jim


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