The Ancillary Fees Fiesta | Did you RSVP?

September 9, 2010 at 12:13 pm 2 comments

by Tony

Someone really dropped the ball at this year’s NBTA International Convention & Exposition. There were tons of great hospitality, delicious food and drink, and some great live entertainment. A theme party here, a theme party there – in fact, I believe the good folks at ARC even threw a pajama jammy jam. I’m sure that was fun (and naughty), but the sexiest party anyone could have thrown would’ve been the Ancillary Fees Fiesta.

Just imagine, AirPlus could provide the technology, giving each guest a “p” (party) card upon entry and ITA Software could help navigate the multitude of drink/food combinations. Then, each party goer would swipe the card for each cocktail or hors d’œuvre. How about a swipe to sit down in the cushy couch near the dance floor? Hey, when they need to hit the restroom, why not force them to swipe before they wipe? Throw in Susan Boyle as the entertainment, and you have yourself quite the extravaganza. Then, rather than the typical drawings, AirPlus could quickly report on individuals’ spend amounts, awarding frequent swiper points redeemable for small prizes,  thus launching a whole new frequent guest loyalty category. Who knows, maybe at future NBTAs we might be less concerned with the color of the badge someone is wearing and will instead look for those who carry the highly sought after TPAC (Total Party Animal Card).

Ah, ancillary fees. For me, they are like the Rod Blagojevich to a late night talk show host – endless and low-hanging comedic fodder. They’ve even sparked, a site protesting these buggers. But now, I pose a serious question to you all. Courtesy of President Obama’s new $50 billion transportation infrastructure plan, there is escalated chatter in the media regarding the US high-speed rail program (or lack thereof). What do you think? Will we still be discussing ancillary fees when that first traveler embarks on the maiden US high-speed rail trip (click on the poll below)?  Who knows, perhaps that lucky individual will step onboard only to find out there is a fee to encroach upon the homestead of the vernal pool fairy shrimp – a whole new bounty of material for Carrying On.

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Kissing Booth or Free Speech Booth? Take your pick. The debate over hot air is heating up.

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  • 1. Rana Walker  |  September 10, 2010 at 5:13 am

    Never a dull moment with you around! Interesting concept and I’ve forwarded your idea around internally…and of course TWEETED it too 🙂

    Sometimes I wonder if someone just gave you 5 random words that you must create a story around – Susan Boyle, AirPlus, Rob Blagojevich, NBTA and Obama.

    Keep the bright ideas coming – love your work!

    • 2. Tony D  |  September 10, 2010 at 6:06 am


      Yes there is so much fddder for our ever grinding mill and trust me, half of what we write gets shot down by legal before it even comes close to hitting the blogoshpere.

      Case in point, this morning I read with interest about the $3B in annual costs that the EU’s greehouse gas emissions system will create for the US Airlines, so if my lawyer doesn’t shoot it down, look for some comments on that one. And yes it could include another Susan Boyle or Rod Blagojevich reference :-).



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