While the Cat’s Away…

July 26, 2011 at 12:21 pm Leave a comment

by Mike

You may have noticed that Tony has dropped out of sight as of late.  Well, you may not have noticed, but those of us around here certainly have.  It’s been a whole lot quieter in the office and the leftover Entenmann’s last a lot longer in the kitchen.

No, Tony hasn’t left for Oxford or gone home to test his P90X prowess on Forearms Toretta.  He’s taking a well-deserved vacation, going all Grizzly Adams on himself.  That’s right, for the next 21 days, Tony has vowed not only to throw off all shackles of travel, he is actually following Carrying On New Year’s Resolution #2: to avoid taking a bath whenever possible.  So brace yourselves folks for the myriad of posts about living life off the grid from Tony when he returns.  (And let’s just hope he picks up a razor before he steps up to moderate his end-to-end panel at GBTA.  As I see it, at GBTA, personal hygiene is Job One.)

With Tony off the grid for a bit, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who want to step up to fill in for him in his job blog. For me personally, this is a tough call.  It’s a lot like trying to find a (temporary) replacement for Regis to my Kelly.  Or like trying to find a substitute for Tony Danza as host of the Miss America Pageant.  Basically, if we added anyone else to the mix, we wanted to make sure it was a true industry vet with tons of relevant experience.

Fortunately, we found three to join our blogging journey.

  • First, Bev Heinritz. For those of you who don’t know Bev, she has more than 20 years of experience in the travel and service industries.  Bev spends a whole lot of time on the road overseeing Rearden Commerce’s entire post sales customer lifecycle.  You can be sure she’ll bring her perspectives, as well as insights from customers and partners, while she is Getting Around.
  • Gregg Tuccillo (aka “The Governor of Ground”), President of Global Ground Automation (GGA), is a fellow New Yorker and die-hard Giants fan.  He’s been around the ground transport block for more than 20 years as well — and will cover the long-tail aspect of travel.
  • Becky Waller — @BeckyontheRoad to all you Twitter fans — is as opinionated as Tony and I are (really).  Becky recently joined Rearden Commerce from CarlsonWagonlit.  She spent years on the other side of the wall, as they say, and offers an entirely fresh perspective to our conversation.

Since launching Carrying On, Tony and I have had a blast, or in my case, an “Eruption.” We’ve told some bad jokes, and hopefully some good ones as well. More importantly, we’ve been able to share our thoughts on the corporate travel industry and the everyday developments that make this such a fascinating space. From ash clouds to mobile travel technology, the developments have never been so rapid and game changing.

We are excited to invite these new voices into Carrying On.  Clearly they don’t know what they are in for…

… Countdown to Tony’s return: 21 days …

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