Apps Our Brains Can Handle

August 4, 2011 at 6:23 am 1 comment

by Becky

The thing about emerging trends in travel technology these days is: they just… keep… coming!  We are drinking from a fire hose, trying to follow all the new apps, widgets, web sites, devices, and formats that are being lobbed at us every day.  I created this completely unscientific graph to prove it:

Now that I’m a regular Carrying On blogger, we can use this space to converse about some of these trends – the big nasty scary ones, the unassuming quiet ones, the sexy and alluring ones, the ones that confuse the heck out of everybody.

Here’s one to get us started.  I had a great conversation with our VP of User Experience in the hallway last week about the relentless deluge of new smart phone and tablet apps.  “It’s crazy,” he told me. “The current trajectory of apps development is not sustainable for the human mind.  Our brains will explode.”

The solution he predicts is that technology will do what technology should do.  Apps will become consolidated, become humanized, and put users – not the app store – at the center of the experience.

I take that to mean that I’ll have one app that anticipates what I want and need to do for a given area of my life, and then lets me do it, all in one place, helping me along the way.  If I could pick any one consolidated app to ask for first, it might be a single consolidated app for managing my favorite possession – my Mini Cooper convertible: the maintenance history, the destinations I can store in my GPS, the satellite radio subscription renewals, the LoJack service if I need to report theft, the “Openometer” report showing how many hours I’ve had the top down.  

Even better, I can image one app to manage my next vacation – the itinerary, the changes and cancellations, the check-in, the baggage claim tag, the payments, the car service, the loyalty points monitoring and redemption, the inviting of friends to join me for dinner, and the dreaming about where I’m going next.  Brain-exploding? Not as much! (But I do feel a sudden rush of serotonin and dopamine. It’s a good feeling.)

If you could combine a bunch of apps into one consolidated set of functions, what would YOU want most? What “one app” would you like to be surrounded by?

 … Countdown to Tony’s return: 12 days …

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  • 1. songzunhuang  |  August 15, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    The Brain Explosion point came and went for me. I think my head just got bigger. 😉


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