Six weeks off and all I got was a lousy tee shirt….

August 19, 2011 at 12:40 pm Leave a comment

by Tony

Yes, I’m back.  But sorry, no tales of travel to far off and exotic destinations to share because I didn’t travel at all. That’s right. Not once in the past six weeks did I set foot in an airline terminal. And you know what, I didn’t miss it one bit.

In fact, I barely read about it either. Sure, I couldn’t help but hear about the woman who turned the tables on the TSA agent in Phoenix, or the FAA being shut down when the government didn’t appropriate the funds…but you know what, I didn’t miss them either.

What I really did over the last six weeks was to remove myself completely from work. No checking email. No returning phone calls. No keeping track of things work related. I didn’t even notice that Daly started a countdown to my return on this very blog. Except for a few minor exceptions, I stayed in a totally work-free zone. And in doing so it really allowed me to develop (and in many cases re-develop), an appreciation for things, some of which I’d been taking for granted, and others I had completely forgotten.

Now don’t worry, this is not going to be some mushy, philosophical post about how I got in touch with my inner self, but I am going to make an admission. I like to work and I like what I do. I might even go as far as to suggest that I missed working. And, trust me, I wasn’t totally sedentary over the six weeks. I spent a fair amount of time working (mostly on the three Ps…Painting, Power-Washing, Planting). But I missed being in the game and doing what I do, and I can attest that taking some time off really can re-charge your batteries.

As to the rediscovery part, I’ll share one that I think you might enjoy. I hadn’t picked up a golf club in a long time, and was never very good when I did play. But, over the last six weeks I played more golf than I have in the past five years. I didn’t get any better, mind you, and I’m not afraid to admit I shot a 123 at Bethpage Black (which for you non-golfers is one of the courses they play the US Open on). But, I thoroughly enjoyed playing to the point where I fully agree with whoever it was that said that there are only two things you don’t have to be very good at to enjoy — golf and the…um…hokey pokey. (I fully expect to get some creative responses on that last comment, it’s just a matter of who strikes first among our followers).

Back to the T-shirt, hopefully you can come by booth 413 at GBTA and check it out. It will be on display with a lot of other cool stuff we’ll be showing at the conference. And if you do, make sure to look me up. I’ll be the guy with the modest tan and the smile on his face, happy to be back at work (I can’t believe I just wrote that … ).


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