Daly’s Prep Regimen for the Mile High City

August 20, 2011 at 9:16 am Leave a comment

by Mike

Like many of you, I’m gearing up for GBTA in the Mile High City. Becky’s polishing her hiking boots, Tony’s perfecting his John McLaughlin impersonation for his panel on end-to-end. And me?  My bags are packed, business cards ordered, and my Astros fan paraphernalia is pressed and ready for the big game vs. the Rockies. This is my 15th GBTA convention, but actually my 100th time sleeping a mile above sea level. For those of you who are newbies to Denver, I’m sharing my prep regimen with you:

  1. Hydrate! I learned this one in Houston last year. (God bless the Texans.) I expect Denver to be much kinder to me humidity-wise, but I’m already putting back about 2 liters of water ever day in preparation for the big event.
  2. The City of Denver recommends we Monitor Alcohol Intake: “Alcoholic drinks pack more of a wallop than at sea level.” Oh, the High Country. I don’t know about this one. Golden, Colorado is only 15 miles from Denver. Coors is brewed with pure Rocky Mountain Spring Water, so really that will just help me with my hydration rule.
  3. Run some stairs. In high school, we would sprint up and down the bleachers. Twenty-ish years later, I’m more likely to be seen sitting on one. Still, bleachers are a lot like mountains so I’m giving it a try.
  4. Sit under fluorescent lights. Much like my office, convention centers are not known for their natural light. It won’t actually matter that it will be a dry 90 degrees in Denver. We may never make it outside until it cools down at night.
  5. Perfect my handshake. I am shaking hands and making eye contact with everyone I see. (My mail carrier is a little thrown by this but everyone else seems to be taking it well.) According to the University of Alabama (circa 2000), there are five characteristics of a great shake: strength, vigor, duration, eye contact and completeness of grip. I’d say I’ve perfected four of them — but will have plenty of time on the plane to nail the fifth. (Which might also help my campaign for ancillary fee credits for passenger hospitality…)

Well, fellow GBTA-ers, I look forward to reconnecting with you all.  I’m glad to see that Denver made Orbitz’ Top 10 Summer travel destinations list, and we’re getting there just in time to close out the summer. Although ten years ago they discovered that Denver is three feet higher than previously thought, I’m confident that this regimen, along with my new white suit, will have me ready and able to perform my duties at GBTA.

Come see us at booth 413.


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