Ok, I’m not Keats, but what did he know about Travel Expenses…

September 15, 2011 at 6:45 am Leave a comment

by Tony

I was feeling very inspired today and needed to top the tabloid flair I gave my last blog post, so I decided to channel my inner poet for this one.  For your information, I referenced data from two articles: one from BTN about the 10th airfare hike of 2011, and the other discussing Advito’s across the board spend projection increases for 2011.  Enjoy!

Surprise, Surprise…Travel Expenses on the Rise

Airfares are rising for the 10th time this year,

And Advito has shouted for all those to hear,

That the costs they will rise, in hotel, air and car,

To a point where our budgets will surely be marred.

Is there something a buyer of travel can do,

To avoid the boss pointing a finger at you?

Perhaps, said the blogger with many ideas,

There are a few ways to manage and shed all your fears.

There’s Parking, and Dining, and Car Service spend,

That you should start owning, let’s make this a trend.

Everyone eats, and they ask for it back,

On the expense report processed, it surely gets tracked,

So why not inform them of a new place to eat,

Where a rebate is possible, now isn’t that neat.

And while you are giving them words of advice,

There are places to park that are really quite nice.

And the best thing about them is the price that you pay,

Which is half then as much, for each single day.

To the airport they go in a chauffeured sedan,

Make sure it is one that you know and can stand,

One that’s approved with a discount you see,

To ensure that you manage this category.

If you take this advice and start tracking this stuff,

It’s a guarantee that your boss won’t be gruff,

For who would complain with a plan such as this,

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s almost like bliss.

Perhaps you are thinking, but how do we start?

Give me a call and I’ll sell you a license to our Platform*

*Don’t know what happened with the last line.   I guess my inner salesman kicked my inner poet out of my office.

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