In-Flight Diva Antics: A Traveler’s Rant

October 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm 2 comments

by Tony

OK, not sure if you all read the article about Whitney Houston going Diva on a Delta flight, but it caught my attention as silly things like this do. I guess she didn’t want to buckle up, which I found to be a rather strange Diva action. We’ve all been on flights where we’ve see normal people go a little Diva.  It can be little things like the guy who wants his coat hung immediately because he can’t bear to hold it for another second, the guy who refuses to share the armrest, or the Entitled boarding line crasher, who had me fired up on my recent cross-country journey.   Or how about my favorite… the dude who refuses to pull his pants up to a respectable level, and who just happens to be traveling with the girlfriend whose skirt looks more like a belt (and yes, I will admit had she been traveling alone she would not have made this list :).

They say Whitney’s sober, so maybe her Buckle Rebellion is how she gets her “living on the edge” thrills these days.  Speaking of living on the edge, our old flight attendant friend Steven Slater just burst back onto the scene.  He was sentenced to one year of probation for his Diva-like “spectacular exit” down the emergency chute, beer-in-hand, before “scampering home.” Slater became a national sensation for his behavior and a hero to downtrodden workers everywhere who have fantasized about quitting in a blaze of uhhh… glory.

What’s next?  Pilots who fall asleep?  Air traffic controllers who watch movies instead of planes? Oh right, those have already happened. I mean, come on people, let’s just get it together. Passengers, quiet down, buckle up and put on some pants.  Flight attendants, pilots and controllers, keep your eye on the ball and make sure we get where we’re going without too much drama.

I’m headed to San Antonio next week to give what I hope will be an inspiring talk on technology at the CTD Conference.   A flight attendant from the Miracle on the Hudson is keynoting at the same event, and it made me think “If that crew could keep its head on straight, can’t the rest of us?”

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  • 1. Michelle De Costa  |  October 21, 2011 at 7:32 am

    This will be a quotable line for many years to come I’m sure “come on people, let’s just get it together. Passengers, quiet down, buckle up and put on some pants.” I’d like to see it as part of the flight attendant safety briefing.

    • 2. Tony D  |  October 21, 2011 at 12:06 pm

      Yes, we’er always thinking safety first at CarryingOn, and if the airlines want to incorporate the quote, who are we argue 🙂


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