Becky’s December Challenge: 31 Ways to Pair Travel with Giving

December 2, 2011 at 8:14 am Leave a comment

by Becky

I love chocolate, and I love salted caramel. But the two together are something FAR better than the sum of the parts. Bliss, even.

It’s the same way with two other things I love: travel and giving.  Every time I board a plane I’m struck by how fortunate we are, we weary travellers, that we have the privilege to jet around the world and see new landscapes, meet different people, and peek (in some cases, leap) beyond our cultural comfort zones.  Even just seeing the planet from 35,000 feet is a joy sometimes, a chance to get some perspective on the chaos below, or at the very least, an opportunity to see the sun shining above the rain clouds.

It doesn’t always feel like it, as we schlep through crowded security lines and wedge ourselves into middle seats, but we are lucky, lucky people.

Travel also gives us a unique opportunity to impact the places we are visiting for the better.  This month I am running a Twitter campaign to highlight organizations that pair travel with charitable giving and volunteerism.  Some will be easy and are relevant no matter where you’re travelling, or how.  Some apply only to those of you who are trekking to more adventurous destinations, or specific spots. Some don’t even require you to actually travel.  But all of them, I hope, will inspire you. Follow me at @BeckyontheRoad and #31TravelGiving.

Do you think I can find 31 of these opportunities? I’m sure I can – and if you know of one, send it my way to make it even easier.  I’ll highlight in my Twitter campaign and in a couple of roundups posts I will offer here on Carrying On this month. Post comments here if you have ideas!

Happy travelling, you lucky wanderers! How sweet it is, indeed.

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