Tony D'Astolfo

Tony D’Astolfo

Aka: TD, Tony D, Sean Connery wannabe
203,156 miles traveled in the past year
Favorite sports team: New York Yankees
Fun Fact: 214 bowling average

A 30-year travel industry veteran, Tony D’Astolfo has been around since the days of the regulated airline industry, back when the GDS was viewed as a new technology, and the Internet wasn’t even around. (He had nothing to do with inventing it, but he doesn’t think Al Gore did either.) If you look closely at any pictures of the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, you might even see him in the background.

He’s long been considered one of corporate travel’s leading experts.  Most recently serving Rearden Commerce as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, he has also served as Senior Vice President at Sabre-Holdings, where he ran GetThere where he led the company’s penetration into more than 50% of Fortune 200 companies and 67% of the BTN 100 (Business Travel News’ roster of companies with the largest annual travel spend). Before then, he spent 19 years at United Airlines, where he accomplished many feats, including leading the company’s sales efforts in the UK.

If you recognize Tony’s name, it’s likely because he is a frequent speaker at travel industry conferences sponsored by GBTA, IBTA, PhoCusWright, and ACTE. Tony is also a past member of the ACTE Board of Directors. Offer him unlimited green M&Ms, and he might consider speaking at your event.

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